Monday, April 30, 2012

JBoss Tools Browser Simulator Standalone Application Build

What is JBoss Tools Browser Simulator (BrowserSim)?

Browsersim is quick and easy way to test how your web application going to look like on mobile device. Truth be told it cannot be 100% reliable and no a replacement for platform specific emulator.

BrowserSim is available as part of JBoss Tools Project, but there is simpler way to get your hand over it and try if it works for you.

How to configure your environment to get BrowserSim running

  • Windows: 
    • Only 32-bit Eclipse/JBDS is supported; 
    • Apple QuickTime or iTunes must be installed (they contain Apple Application Support which provides WebKit engine for BrowserSim). 
  • Linux: 
    • WebKitGTK 1.2.0 or newer must be installed and available in the library load path. 
    • This should be available on RHEL and Ubuntu by default, if not use your package manager to install libwebkitgtk 
  • Mac OS X 
    • It just works. 

What is required to build BrowserSim standalone application

    Install prerequisites listed below:
  • Java SDK 1.6
  • Apache Maven 3.0.X
  • Subversion client

How to build BrowserSim standalone application with maven

mkdir browsersim
cd browsersim
svn checkout
mvn package -Dmaven.repo.local=.m2 -Declipse.p2.mirrors=false
then depending on used platform it can be started as
and will show iPhone2 skin by default. Use context menu on window title to:
  • select device
  • rotate your device
  • change settings

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