Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Get Decent Eclipse Based XML Editor Without Downloading Whole Eclipse SDK and Web Tools Binaries

If you're not going to develop Java application, plug-in or debug Eclipse based applications there is no reason to download whole bunch of archives with all eclipse features you're never going to use. So to keep your XML Editor small and free from UI clattering follow this simple steps:
  • Download Eclipse Platform 3.6.X from, which is only 50M instead of 170M for Classic Eclipse SDK
  • Unpack it somewhere to your local file system (this folder is referenced as ${eclipse} below in this article)
  • Start it by executing ${eclipse}/eclipse or ${eclipse}/eclipse.exe which depends on your operation system
  • Select folder that is going to be used to keep your stuff like new projects, if you're going to create something
  • Open "Install" dialog using "Help->Install New Software..." in bar menu
  • Install "Web, XML, and Java EE Development->Eclipse XML Editors and Tools" form "Helios -" update site
  • Wait while Eclipse is downloaded selected software
  • Restart Eclipse when downloading and installation are finished and Eclipse asks you what you want to do
You're done with installation and now have fully functional XML editor with the lots features like: templates, content assist and validation based on DTD or XML Schema.